Onur Mustak Cobanli, a Ph.D student of industrial design at Politecnico di Milano in Italy, has just sent us some innovative and unusual designs for USB keys that he's been working on. You can get USB keys in shapes and sizes from Hello Kitty and Star Wars to, well, keys -- but these have a sleekness and style that's unusual to such devices. We look forward to seeing if they make it into real objects.

The 1002 keychains (above) are inspired by "guardian's keyrings in ancient times", says Cobanil, and are aimed at those of us who always forget where they've left their USB keys. The 998 Darts (below) are based on Cobanil's view that traditional USB flash disks, when inserted into the front of computers, look like darts that are thrown into the wall.

999 -- aka Mr. USB (above) -- draws from the similarity between the rhythmic flashes of the red LEDs of standard USB keys and heartbeats. With changeable cap heads for different characters, it's also designed to be collectable.