Despite sounding like a kids sci-fi cartoon, NodeSaVR is in fact a new multinode QuickTime VR tool from Squamish Media Group. Sitting alongside the company’s other QTVR tools – SoundSaVR, MapSaVR and RevolVR – the application speeds up delivery over the Internet through using URL-based hotspots. NodeSaVR splits each node into separate movie files and moves between them using hotspots that link to these other files as if they were standard Web pages. This means that each node is downloaded separately at different times as the user progresses through an environment – which is much faster to start than the conventional process of downloading the whole environment as a single file. The application also automatically creates HTML text and files, and can insert conventional HTML into hotspot links. It can work with tracks from any of Squamish’s other QTVR tools for with conventional QTVR movies. It costs $99 (download).