Announced in November, the 4.1 update for Apple’s QuickTime video format has been released and added to the company’s download site. This builds on the company’s release of version 2.0 of its QuickTime Streaming Server 2.0, which added support for http streaming, authentication, relaying and enhanced logging. The update revolves around adding extra functionality around the ‘base’ file format. Content creators now have access to the SMIL (Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language) for streaming vector graphics. Other technological additions include abilities to play MP3 files with variable bit-rates, utilize http tunnelling for speeding delivery across firewalls – and support for JavaScript, AppleScript and embedded movies. Apples has also updated the format to work better under Mac OS 9, so movies larger than 2GB can be recorded and played back. A level of commerciality has also been added, video adverts can be inserted into streamed media and pay-per-view Web sites can used authentication protocols. This is designed to make the format more appealing to major media companies, such as those who already have channels on Apple’s QuickTime TV online station.