QuarkXPress DTP software-maker Quark has launched an upgrade to its QuarkXPress Server solution, taking it to version 7, the company has revealed. QuarkXPress Server 7 supports the creation and delivery of on-demand creative communications, combining features from QuarkXPress with server-based performance to produce creative Web-based or data-driven communications, says Quark.

With QuarkXPress Server, data-driven applications can be developed and deployed to automate production, eliminate redundant steps, and publish to multiple channels. QuarkXPress Server can be easily integrated with existing IT infrastructures and data sources and systems reckons the DTP software maker.

"Because QuarkXPress Server incorporates the new features of QuarkXPress 7, users have access to productivity-enhancing functionality such as layout independent space and Job Jackets for collaboration," said Quark in a statement. "Output enhancements for variable-data printing include PPML and optimized PDF output support. QuarkXPress Server also leverages existing assets including QuarkXPress layouts and templates, user skills, and other resources including business systems."

QuarkXPress Server also includes QuarkXPress Server Manager, a tool that centralizes system administration, manages the load of multiple servers, and provides better reporting. QuarkXPress Server Manager adds to Quark's ongoing support of industry standards by providing high level programming interfaces. In addition to the base product's support of HTTP, QuarkXPress Server Manager supports SOAP, PHP, .NET/ASP, and JAVA/JSP.

Quark works with software developers and system integrators as partners to deliver QuarkXPress Server solutions that enable advertising automation, catalog production, Web-to-print, and one-to-one marketing. Third-parties supporting QuarkXPress Server 7 include: Capps Digital, Integrated Software, Intuitive Solutions Group, Onus LLC, Responsive Software, and Robocatalog.

To learn more about QuarkXPress Server 7, visit the Quark Web site at www.quark.com/Server7