XChange UK has launched the AutoCorrectXT XTension for QuarkXPress 8. Misspelled words are automatically flagged and underlined in red as users type in QuarkXPress 8 stories, similar to Microsoft Word.

AutoCorrectXT 2.0 includes two key features for QuarkXPress 8 documents: AutoCorrect and AutoSpell. AutoCorrect allows users to enter frequently used terms like people’s and product's names, and locations into the AutoCorrect database with a shortcut. Any time the shortcut is used, the full term will automatically be inserted as the user types.

The AutoCorrect feature can also be used to automatically fix a user’s own regular typing mistakes by entering common transpositions and misspellings into the AutoCorrect database. Then whenever those erroneous terms are
entered into a Quark text box, it automatically changes to what is specified in the AutoCorrect database. Users will instantly improve their typing speed avoiding common mistakes which normally required them to manually move the
cursor to these errors for correction.

Using the AutoSpell module, users are able to see the misspelled words being underlined in the whole layout. If they encounter a legal word not in the dictionaries, they may simply ignore these. Users can also get the suggested
spellings for the handy pop-up menu. The spelling suggestions are supported by a mouse hover menu. Selecting a word from the hover menu replaces the misspelled word with the selected suggestion.

AutoSpell’s 9 language dictionaries support English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and

AutoCorrectXT is available for Mac and Windows and costs £34 plus VAT