A major barrier to entry for many graphic designers and creative professionals to upgrade to Mac OS X will be lowered soon: Quark has announced that it will ship QuarkXPress for Mac OS X next week. QuarkXPress 6, the company’ flagship DTP application, introduces new features such as project files, collections of layouts that can vary in media type, size and orientation. Stylesheets, colours, hyphenation settings, lists, and other properties can be shared between layouts. Synchronized Text has also been added. This feature lets users share content between layouts in a project. As a result, “synchronized text” edited in one location is changed elsewhere in the project simultaneously. Other new features include full-resolution preview, and multiple undos. QuarkXPress 6 also introduces new print output features, such as support for PostScript Level 3 functions including DeviceN color. PDF creation is integrated into QuarkXPress as well. XML tagging is now more intuitive, and the new version includes an industry-standard XML parser with enhanced error handling. QuarkXPress 6 ships next week for a list price of $1,045. Users of QuarkXPress 5 can upgrade for $199; the upgrade price for users of QuarkXPress 4 and 3 is $299 and $499 respectively. QuarkXPress 6 will require Mac OS X 10.2 or later. According to dealer Exchange International, the international Passport edition of QuarkXPress 6 will ship on July 31. The UK full-version price will be £1,095, but street prices are will probably match Apple’s US pricing