Quark has updated its package design software QuarkWrapture to version 1.5. The company says the new release will add new and enhanced features for greater package visualization and export capabilities. The new version adds cylindrical tools for conceptualizing bottles and cans - one of the most requested features, according to Quark. Material attributes such as finish, texture, and thickness can also be determined. The company says that users can alter lighting intensities, camera focal length, and background colour in a new Mockup palette. Quark says that multiple pieces can now be rendered as a single scene in the Mockup palette, and each piece can be individually selected and repositioned. New support debuts for high-resolution graphics support, plus additional output options. 3D renderings can be exported as Macromedia Flash files, TIFF images, or as an animated QuickTime movie. Quark plans to ship QuarkWrapture in summer.