Quark, the developer of page layout software for design and publishing professionals, has announced Quark XML Author 3.0 for Microsoft Word .

It is billed as an add-in to Microsoft Word, the world's most widely used word processor, that allows users to create XML content easily within Word, with little or no training promise Quark.

In contrast, specialised, proprietary XML editing tools of the past require a significant amount of technical training and expertise, limit XML authoring to a small cadre of experts, or inhibit XML adoption altogether says Quark.

In July last year, Quark acquired In.vision Research, makers of Xpress Author for Microsoft Word, who develops XML authoring software that helps Microsoft Word users create reusable XML content for Quark's Dynamic Publishing Solution.

The update, eases the adoption of XML, which frees writers from formatting so they can focus on the word, while improving the accuracy, consistency and relevance of information you publish says the company.

Quark's XML authoring tool also offers a way to create streamlined automated digital versions of documents for the web without having to reformat work already done.

Quark XML Author remains invisible until the Word user tries to edit an existing XML document or create a new one. At that point, Quark XML Author slips in and modifies the operation of the user interface to correspond with XML requirements.

New features in 3.0 include:

- New integration with Design Science's MathType Editor for equations
- Improved tool bar for use with the Microsoft Office 2007 native ribbon interface
- Improved feature that allows for bulk changes throughout a document
- Advanced indenting and style capabilities for list items and paragraphs

Quark XML Author 3.0 for Microsoft Word will be available on 30 April. Users of Quark XML Author for Microsoft Word are able to upgrade to version 3.0 automatically. The new version is backward compatible with Microsoft Office 2000-2007 and is bi-directionally compatible with Quark XML Author 2.x files says Quark.