Quark has announced that it will support the new Pantone Goe System.

Pantone says that the Goe System is the first completely new colour inspiration and specification system for the graphic arts industry since the introduction of the Pantone Matching System 45 years ago. The System includes over 2,000 new colours, plus tools and software designed to drive collaboration and improve versatility.

The 2,058 new colours in the Pantone Goe System are arranged in an intuitive, chromatic order for easy, precise, cross-media colour selection and specification, according to Pantone. The System includes the Pantone GoeGuide and Pantone GoeSticks, a two-volume set of adhesive-backed chips, along with intelligent software for creating colour palettes that can be imported into applications, shared among coworkers and clients, and archived for future reference.

Software to work with the PANTONE Goe System will be available for download by QuarkXPress 7 users at Quark's resource centrein October 2007. Once downloaded, the new colour system will appear as a colour library option listed on the QuarkXPress 7 colours palette.