Quark will show some of the typographical tools that will be included in the next version of its QuarkXPress page layout software at a conference in London. The features will be shown off at TypoTechnica, which brings together font designers, technology developers, and application developers.

QuarkXPress 7 will add support for Unicode and OpenType fonts. Unicode fonts can include several thousand glyphs instead of the 256 limit imposed by PostScript fonts, allowing for a single fonts to include not just the basic character and number sets but also old style numerals, multiple alternative ligature pairs, swashes, and a host of extras such as numbers inside black or white circles and squares, decorative capitals for use as drop caps, sideways and upside-down glyphs.

OpenType is the font format championed by Adobe, which has moved it's own font library over to the format. OpenType has certain technical advantages over PostScript, including having both screen and printer fonts in the same file.

The tools can be seen at hour-long seminar starting at 11:50 am on Thursday, February 17. The presentation will be held in the Bridewell Room of London’s St Bride Printing Library.

QuarkXPress 7 is expected to be released later this year.

More information on the conference, as well as registration details, can be found here.