The first mainstream movie produced for distribution by the Internet alone is available for download. Quantum Project stars Stephen Dorff, Fay Masterson and John Cleese – and can be downloaded from the Web site for $3.95. The plot revolves around a physicist (Dorff), his ex-girlfriend (Masterson) and his father (Cleese). Their colliding relationships are observed as if particles affected buy quantum mechanics, with Dorff’s character ending up with a form of quantum realization. The 32-minute film has the backing of the Metafilmics production house, who also produced What Dreams May Come – and was written by David Aaron Cohen, who wrote The Devil’s Own. "We conceived and produced Quantum Project with the visual and emotional language of the Internet in mind," said Metafilmics’ Stephen Simon and Barnet Bain. "Viewers on the Net want original films made specifically for this new medium, not just repurposed material." The film’s producers and distributors also took advantage of the flexibility of the Internet and digital filming and editing technologies. "By shooting digital, we are able to offer multiple versions of the film," says Scott Sander, president and CEO of Quantum Project is available in the director’s cut and two alternative edits. Hi- and low-res versions are also available.