Totally Hip has announced support for MPEG-4 today at QuickTime Live, which is being held in Beverly Hills, California. Totally Hip's flagship product LiveStage Professional will be fully capable of authoring interactive QuickTime content using ISO compliant MPEG-4 video and audio streams with the upcoming release of QuickTime 6, according to the company. In addition, the company announced HipFlics users will have the capability of authoring ISO compliant MPEG-4 video and audio streams. "The QuickTime 6 support for ISO compliant MPEG-4 audio and video streams is the announcement that Totally Hip Software and our developers have been waiting years for," said David Gratton, vice president, Marketing and Sales for Totally Hip. "LiveStage Professional developers will be able to add industry standard MPEG-4 streams into their interactive projects without having to rely on proprietary third party codecs. HipFlics allows all our customers to encode their media assets into industry standard and non- proprietary MPEG-4 streams." HipFlics is a compression tool available for consumers and professionals, with support for all of QuickTime's audio and video codecs. HipFlics allows control over video compression by enabling multiple video codecs to be applied to a single stream. LiveStage Pro is designed for developers and digital media producers. It can be used to create interactive QuickTime movies and video for the Internet, CD-ROM, DVD (digital versatile disc) or anywhere that QuickTime plays. Features of LiveStage Pro include: Interactive media skins that allow for delivery of custom interfaces; Flash 4 support for integrating Flash with all other QuickTime media including video; XML support for the dynamic creation of content or movies; Server side connectivity for database support and movie generation; Over 70 wired actions to be added to the QScript including reference guide, tutorials and sample projects; New and enhanced QuickTime track and media types; and Upgraded user manual including reference guide, tutorials and sample projects. Totally Hip is also having a promotion at QuickTime Live this week, offering interested users a 50 per cent discount on LiveStage Pro. Normally US$899.95, the company is inviting users to "Rob us Blind," and offering the software for $450. The folks at Totally Hip handed attendees leaving the keynote presentation pantyhose to put on their head before making their way to the software makers booth to complete the "crime." The first 30 customers will also be entered into a drawing to win a Totally Hip NHL hockey Jersey. There is a limit of two copies of the software per person.