Pure ray-tracing 3D card debuts

Advanced Rendering Technologies (ART) has debuted a PCI 3D rendering board for graphics workstations. Called Pure, the company says it delivers unmatched photorealistic rendering performance, and is aimed at the design and 3D animation market. ART says it works with the company's RenderPipe for Maya technology, RenderPipe for 3DS Max, and a generic RenderMan interface. The company claims a ten-times speed gain over software-based ray tracing, and says it will cost £2,499 plus VAT. Pure is based around an array of eight of ART's AR350 ray tracing graphics processors - which the company says is the only chip capable of accelerating the complex, physically based ray-traced rendering algorithm. With eight chips, the board is able to perform over 1.1 billion ray/triangle intersection tests per second, says ART. Other features include real-world lighting, reflections, refractions, depth-of-field, motion blur, area lights, attenuating soft shadows, physically accurate materials, and camera effects. It should ship in November, says ART.

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