Psyop has just released two new spots for Coca-Cola, commissioned by Wieden & Kennedy, one of which was debuted for the colossal audiences of the Super Bowl ad breaks.

The ads are the latest in a series of Psyop projects for the superbrand. The Super Bowl spot, Heist, charts the dramatic theft of a bottle of Coke from a sleeping man in a park, masterminded by a ladybird and daringly carried out by teams of bumble bees, grasshoppers, dragonflies and other insects.

The spot was directed by Psyop's Todd Mueller and Kylie Matulick; full credits are here. At its centre is the razor-sharp photorealistic CG, jewel-bright colour palette and sense of many elements working together in intricate detail for a single, satisfying result, that have characterized recent Psyop/Coke projects.

Watch the spot here.

The second Psyop Coke ad is a continuation of the massively popular Happiness Factory series, showing the magical world that lies inside the humble vending machine. This instalment highlights the reviving properties (read: caffeine content) of Coke: a yawning man shuffles up to the machine to deposit his coin; zooming through the slot, we enter the magical world to discover that there, too, everybody is uncharacteristically drowsy.

However, the Happiness Factory workers shake themselves into action as soon as the coin drops into their magic land, and pepping themselves up with sips from tiny bottles of Coke, they get to work on serving up the bigger bottle to the client.

Watch the spot here.