Digital Light & Color has introduced Profile Mechanic, a new line of colour management tools for monitors and scanners. Profile Mechanic Monitor and Profile Mechanic Scanner for PC and Mac are both available for purchase from the company’s Web site.

Profile Mechanic Monitor includes a hardware calibrator device, adapters for LCD and CRT monitors and custom software. The software includes aids for setting monitor brightness and colour controls and lets the user specify gamma and white point. The product costs $179.95 (around £100).

Profile Mechanic Scanner can profile drum, flatbed or film scanners or digital cameras. The tool measures the ability of an input device to capture a set of known colour values contained in an IT8, HCT or ColorChecker target. The product costs $59.95 (£35). Various colour target packages are also available, costing between $19.95 and $79.95 (between £11 and £44).