Primera has unveiled a new version of its Bravo Disc Publisher system that adds support for Sony's Blu-Ray Disc (BD) format. The device combines disc burning and replication with inkjet printing of labels.

The Bravo XR-Blu is based around Pioneer's BDR-101A BD/DVD recorder. Out of the box, the device supports single-layer, 25GB discs, but the company says that it will release an update shortly after the April release date that will add support for dual-layer media.

Up to 50 discs can be loaded into the Bravo XR-Blu at once. A robotic arm transfers discs from the unit's two 25-unit spindles to the BD/DVD drive and then onto the label printer. The interior of the device features a blue LED lighting system to make it easy to view the production process, according to Primera.

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The unit connects to PCs using USB 2.0 and ships with recording software based on Sonic Solution

The Bravo XR-Blu will ship in April for $5,995 (around £3,435).