Prime Focus London has completed post production on Anton Corbijn’s latest film, Linear. The project is a companion piece to U2’s new album No Line On The Horizon and will be available in special album formats including digipak and box set through Mercury/Universal.

Iain Canning from See Saw Films produced the film which charts the journey of a man on a motorbike as he rides south from Paris to Cadiz, running in parallel with the 11 tracks on No Line On The Horizon.

PFL’s Ian Baker was in charge of the Smoke work on Linear. "As it was a very tight turn around over the Christmas period, we drafted in many of our artists to work on this project. Without this great team effort we wouldn't have met the deadline," said Ian.

Ian has worked on various projects with Corbijn -- noted photographer and director of many music videos and the Ian Curtis biog Control -- over the past ten years. He added “I worked closely with Tom Russell using Baselight, making sure we had the latest versions of approved VFX and edits. These were changing right up until the last day, as the audio tracks were being finalised in the recording studio."

Talking of the technical challenges faced, PFL Smoke artist Jon Trussler said "The trickiest shot was what amounted to a 30 second continuous tracking shot of a TV in a café. Into this we had to place the distorted footage of U2, as well as adding realistic reflections into the comp which we took from a reverse angle shot of the actors watching the telly in the cafe."

No Line On The Horizon was released on March 2 in the UK and March 3 in the US.