Prime Focus London has completed post production on the latest Herbal Essences commercial, Uplifting Volume. Agency atelier London, a division of the Leo Burnett group, appointed PFL to work on the commercial, which was almost entirely CG, and required extensive Flame and grading work. The spot aired in Germany on 10 March.

The advert goes inside a Herbal Essences Uplifting Volume bottle and into a lush oasis where all the fresh ingredients grow freely. Space-maidens land on the planet to collect ingredients and use their space ship, which doubles as a giant juicer, to mix everything together, creating the Herbal Essences special formula, which will keep their hair looking so great.

Prime Focus London’s Phil Hurrell was the creative director & shoot supervisor for the project: "We were tasked with creating a fantasy environment on this distant planet within the bottle, where these mysterious space-maidens have landed. It was very much inspired by 60’s movies like Barbarella."

Phil went on to explain: “A great deal of the commercial was shot against green screen with minimal set build. I worked closely with the director, discussing the scene layout and camera angles and choice of lens. The girls sat high up on the flower at the beginning as the heroine worked her way through the ground-level flowers, all of which was extensively planned before the shoot. The locations of the various set dressings were all mapped out so that the actors knew where to look and what they were looking at.”

Flame work on the project was done by PFL’s Pete Young: “The biggest challenge faced was to make the maidens look photo real and the environment look as real as possible, despite it being a kind of utopia within the bottle, full of big flowers and maidens. I used light flares to add to the realism of the setting and I also created particles to add a magical feel.”