border=0 /> </div>Adobe has released its long-awaited HDV plug-in for Premiere Pro 1.5. The add-on allows editors to work with HDV footage in real-time - though the higher resolution of the footage means that real-time capabilities are impaired compared to DV. The plug-in also enables HDV device control, capture and print-to-tape from/to camcorders including Sony

HDV is a compressed form of HD (high definition) video content. It exists in interlaced and progressive forms. The former runs at 1,440-x-1,080 and is used in camcorders from Sony, which the latter is at 1,280-x-720 and is used by JVC. Canon and Panasonic have not annouced which format they intend to use in any forthcoming HDV camcorders. A full article on HD video can be found in the next issue of Digit, on sale in newsagents from March 10.

The plug-in can be downloaded freely from the Adobe Web site. Premiere Pro 1.5 costs £525 plus VAT, or £169 plus VAT to owners of any older version of Premiere.