Umax has announced an updated version of its PowerLook 3000 that is squarely aimed at people in the publishing industry. According to the company, the PowerLook 3000 Special Edition at £3,695 plus VAT costs less than the Pro version of the original model and includes a much better software and hardware bundle. A number of hardware improvements have been made to the scanner. It includes new firmware, which according to Umax improves the scanner’s speed and capture quality. A moving flatbed sleeve has also been added for added scan bed protection. Also included are a set of film holders for many different popular film sizes and a SCSI card compatible with both Windows and Mac systems. The software bundle includes version six of Binuscans’ Color Pro Suite – which offers ICC profiling, Auto correction and enhancement, drop folder file preparation and a calibration kit that includes transparency and reflective plates. It includes the company’s RECO technology, which allows one-click scanning with automatic correction and visual enhancement. The Color Pro Suite also allows insertion of images within a Quark document with auto cropping and optimization to fit the picture box. The bundle also includes an alpha version of PhotoRetouch Pro, which allows users to create and edit ICC profiles and CMYK separation tables. This is currently Mac-only, with the Windows version due next year. The PowerLook 3000 is an A4 scanner with a maximum optical resolution of 3,048-x-3,048dpi. It offers 42-bit colour with a maximum density of 3.6. It runs under Mac OS 7-9.x and Windows 95/98/ME/NT 4.0/2000.