More companies have announced the release schedules of their software for the new Mac OS X, which ships on March 24. While some have added new features for the releases, the majority have highlighted how the OS helps their tools perform better. Macromedia presented OS X versions of Freehand, Dreamweaver, Fireworks and the Flash player at the Macworld show. Freehand will be the first to ship, which should be shortly after OS X itself. It will be the same as the OS 9 version – but does benefit from OS X’s Quartz 2D graphics engine, allowing palette boxes to be dragged across the screen without Freehand having to redraw the underlying image. Beatware has announced an OS X version of e-Picture Pro, which will also ship shortly after OS X itself. The tool allows users to create 3D Web graphics and animation and export in Flash or video formats. The OS X version of FileMaker’s FileMaker Pro 5 database software will ship a "reasonable time" after OS X itself. The company is planning to bring its entire product range, which includes FileMaker Pro 5 Unlimited, FileMaker Server and FileMaker Developer, to OS X. This is expected to happen quickly as the company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Apple. Going the other way, Toon Boom has announced a completely new Web animation tool for the platform, Toon Boom Studio 1.0. Aimed at Flash users, TB Studio allows animators to create Web-based pieces using a workflow closer to that found in traditional cel animation suites such as Toon Boom's own USAnimation software. Toom Boom Studio will begin beta testing next month.