In 2006, Dutch animation studio PostPanic created a short film called Postman, a strangely intense film that was supposed to explain the meaning behind the studio's name. It spread virally and became very popular and much blogged about. Now the company has produced a sequel, Postman Returns.

Postman Returns expands on the original to be bigger and better. PostPanic says that the premise is the same, so each film starts with ‘the chair’ (the company's logo) inviting viewers to sit down. When the ‘Postman’ (the company's mascot) does, we know all hell will break loose and we’ll end up destroying the world -- which is described as a spoof on the Universal intro).

The company says that each new film provides PostPanic director (and co-founder) Mischa Rozema with an unbridled opportunity to explain some of our creative attitude by un-leasing his imagination on a script where every shot contains something unexpected.

"So basically the Postman films become a kind of instructional series oftales on how to destroy the world or create panic," says Rozema. "It’s not about destruction, it’s the way you destroy/panic. It’s all about attitude.

"I also love the fact that it’s this PostPanic world where anything is possible……Postman 1 had edible nuclear clouds and Postman 2 also has somereally surreal elements. It’s also always such a buzz to see how things you sketch in a notebook come alive through animation and sound design – that’s the best thing about working on your own short films, no-one can make you compromise your vision.

"The biggest challenges we (myself and Ivor Goldberg, head of 3D) had on this production was how to execute some of the physics of the animations, in particular with scenes displaying insane movements of objects, but it was still all fun and that’s the driving force behind making this series of films."