Extensis has released two updates for its Portfolio 8 asset management software. The first adds support for 22 more camera Raw formats to both Mac and Windows versions of the software, while the other allows Microsoft Word and Excel documents to be catalogued and viewed.

The newly supported cameras include Canon's EOS 5D and 1D Mark II N; Nikon's D50, D70s and D200; Olympus's E500, SP310, SP350 and SP500UZ; Epson's R-D1; Konica-Minolta's Dynax 5D and Dynax A200; Pentax's *ist DL and *ist DS2; and Sony's DSC-R1.

It also adds a seven Leaf cameras: the Valeo 11, Valeo 17, Valeo 22, Aptus 17, Aptus 22, Aptus 65, and Aptus 75.

The updates can be freely downloaded from the Extensis Web site. The full product costs £129 plus VAT.