Poke launches new look Joseph site

Digital agency Poke has redesigned luxury clothing brand Joseph’s website.

Launched to coincide with the retail company’s change of management and artistic direction, the site reflects Joseph’s new zeal and the ever-evolving nature of high-end fashion.

Structured around the label’s keen eye for changing trends, the site takes the form of a blog-like format, enabling followers to keep up to date with all the fashion line’s developments in every aspect of the business and customer experience. Bold use of typography and a monochrome palette allow the fashion brand’s more radical and playful direction to take centre stage.

Nicolas Roope, creative director at Poke, says: "While a blog content management system lays beneath the surface, it has been heavily customised to create a uniquely Joseph experience. We think the site now represents the fullness of Joseph's new direction and has become a product of the vision in its own right.”

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