PNY Technologies has released the nVidia Quadro FX 370 Low Profile, which designed to deliver the features of its Quadro workstation graphics to the Small Form Factor (SFF) desktop PC market.

Engineered to fit into a compact desktop system, the Quadro FX 370 LP offers professional graphics performance with fanless cooling for a quieter work environment. It uses nVidia’s unified architecture, where the card allocates geometry, shading, and computation processing power to different processing engines as need for optimised graphics performance.

The Quadro FX 370 LP has a 256MB GDDR2 frame buffer and supports Shader Model 4.0. The Quadro FX 370 LP can drive digital displays at resolutions up to 1920-x-1200 at 60Hz and analogue displays at resolutions up to 2040-x-1536 at 85Hz.

The nVidia Quadro FX 370 LP costs £89.55 plus VAT.