PMA diary: A gravity-defying camera tripod

If you're looking for new angles to make your photos more interesting, you might consider a tripod that can stick to walls or the ceiling - as seen at the PMA trade show in Orlando, Florida.

The MonsterPod is a "viscoelastic morphing polymer tripod." A what? Let's just say it's a clump of goo held together in fabric with a camera mount that the company says will stick to just about anything.

Unlike beanbag tripods, this product's adhesive gives you a lot more options than just placing your camera on horizontal surfaces. I wouldn't trust it to hold an expensive, and heavy, SLR to the ceiling. But lighter weight point-and-shoots just might hold.

The MonsterPod comes in seven colors and costs $30 (£17). As of now, you can only get it from the company's Web site.

The PMA (Photo Marketing Association) show is running from February 26 to March 1 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

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