XChange UK has released new versions of InDesign and QuarkXPress plug-ins for the latest versions of those tools. These include Printools for InDesign CS4 and QuarkXPress 8, and FRAEMZ PS XT, IndeXTension, Art Gallery XT, BarCoder XT and VTools for QuarkXPress 8.

Printools is a collection of printing tools for automated and error-free output. In one package, users get batch printing of multiple documents, rename at print functionality, print to file in different formats and preflighting. Users
can combine several of these tools during the same print session to streamline complex printing tasks.

The batch printing tool allows users to print multiple files (up to 5,000 documents) with the same print settings. Users simply select the files they wish to print, arrange them in any order, and hit the Print button. Users can combine batch printing with Save to File to generate multiple PostScript files at once.

Users can automatically rename the document during the output stage, without altering the original document or file name. Print renaming is useful for identifying the document during the output stage, regardless of the layout file name. It is also helpful in keeping track of revisions or when printing individual pages for imposition. Printools lets users specify up to 3 variable components in the new name.

The preflighting engine in Printools quickly and thoroughly checks for potential problems that could lead to time and material waste. Users can customise the preflight checks by activating any of the following diagnostics: missing fonts, text overflows, non-printing graphics, broken picture links, RGB images, modified links, and poor image resolution.

FRÆMZ PS XT is a collection of decorative PostScript borders which install directly into QuarkXPress. Once installed, users can modify the size and shape of the border to their requirements. FRÆMZ PS XT allows users to place dynamically sized border graphics that are custom-tailored to the size and design of elements in their page layout.

The XTension contains 404 proportional borders that scale without distortion to any size are output at high-resolution.

IndeXTension allows users to mark phrases or words in their document content to create an index entry. Art Gallery XT is an image cataloguing program that creates galleries of images. The galleries are grid based and users have the option to create captions that include the image name, type, size and modification date.

BarCoder XT creates UPC, EAN and ISBN bar codes. The bar codes are saved as EPS files for high-resolution output. With BarCoder XT, users select the symbology, enter the barcode data and BarCoder XT does the calculating and
creation. Options include the ability to include supplemental digits, make full or half-height bars, include digits, add colour, create transparent backgrounds and more.

VTools is a collection of useful editing and product tools that are designed to handle multiple mundane tasks in a workflow environment and increase productivity.