Cumulative shipments of the PlayStation and PS One games console have passed the 100 million mark, Sony has announced.

Adding together shipments of the two consoles, the company said the level was reached on Tuesday. The PlayStation console was first launched in Japan in December 1994 and was followed by the PS One in 2000. The PS One is a lighter and smaller version of the original console and compatible with the same software.

Shipments in Japan and other Asian nations as of May 18 were 20.72 million units, those in North America were 39.67 million units and those in Europe and other markets using the PAL television standard were 39.61 million, the company said.

On the software front, around 7,300 titles have been released for the platform and cumulative shipments have reached 949 million units, said Sony.

Sales of the console have slowed in recent years as the newer PlayStation 2 console has become Sony's main platform. Sales of the PlayStation in the year to the end of March 2004 totalled 3.3 million units of hardware and 32 million units of software, according to SCEI.

The company is expected to launch its first handheld gaming device, the PlayStation Portable or PSP, at the end of this year in Japan and in early 2005 in North America and Europe. A third-generation home console, the PlayStation 3, is under development and expected by analysts to go on sale in 2005 or 2006.