Digital Anarchy has released a new set of colour- and edge-based effects plug-ins called PlasmaFX, which work within Final Cut Pro, Motion and After Effects, but only on Mac OS X 10.4.

The plug-ins use Mac OS X's Core Image system, which enables them to take advantage of the host computer's multi-core processors and graphics card for better preview and faster rendering. Digital Anarchy says that the speed bump is apparent in both Apple and Adobe host applications. In Final Cut Pro and Motion, PlasmaFX filters are built on Apple's FxPlug architecture, which provides faster and more robust support than other plug-in formats in those applications.

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There are 26 plugins in the PlasmaFX set, creating a wide variety of custom effects that range from image processing to film looks and particle systems. New filters include the Topology filter, which generates topographical lines based on the luminance values of footage. The Film: Technicolor 3-Pass filter, separates out colour channels and

PlasmaFX 1.0 is available for $99 (around £50) until February 15, when the price will rise to $129 (£65).