The Pixel Farm has announced that it will be launching the next version of its resolution independent, automated film review and clean up system PFClean, at this year's IBC. Version 3.0 adds video ingest and layoff, field based image support and a fully GPU accelerated toolset.

PFClean 3.0 software is now available for both Intel-based Macs and Windows with an optional Film Restoration Package. In addition, a new desk-side turnkey system is also available featuring fully GPU accelerated tools and thus providing up to a 10 x increase in processing speed. The system has an optional 4:4:4 video IO module that allows ingest and layoff of SD and HD video material. PFClean 3.0’s improved architecture now provides an environment for those working with both progressive and interlaced material.

The price of PFClean software has been reduced to £8,000/€12,000/$16,000 with the optional Film Restoration Pack costing £3,000/€4,500/$6,000. The entry level turn key system price has also been reduced to £19,000/€28,000/$38,000 with the optional Video IO module costing £5,000/€7,500/$10,000 when it ships on November 1.