Pixel Farm is to give a preview of PFSilo, a new digital analysis and content management application, at NAB later this month. PFSilo is aimed at complex post-production projects, with support for multiple clients and shots, and contains tools for both analysis and data management.

The analysis tools produce a data model of each clip, containing camera and pixel motion information, to be used both as a reference and for synchronizing data throughout the post-production process. An open API makes the model available to third party applications, claims Pixel Farm. Pixel Farm also claims that the use of a single reference data source, containing all meta-data, allows footage to be managed throughout the entire production process.

A project structure can be created and permission hierarchies can be built using the content management tools. Meta data tags allow shots to be tracked throughout post production with each process recorded and checked back into the system once completed. Work carried out in one application can be passed back to another, the company claims.

PFSilo claims support for all major compositing, 3D and editing systems. PFSilo also has an open API, allowing interaction with the system at any level, and the release of an SDK is planned.

“PFSilo is set to change the way people work together” Richard Spohrer managing director of the Pixel Farm said. “We understand how people want to work and have designed an open system that can grow as our customer needs grow. We have no interest in tying anyone to any client application but want to make everything work together in an intelligent way.”

Pixel Farm plans to ship PFSilo in August or September, pricing has yet to be announced.