Selective Software Holdings (SSH) has purchased the UK business of Informatix Software International Ltd (ISI) from Informatix Incorporated, the Japanese parent company.

The company, which will retain the Informatix Software International name, will now be owned and managed entirely within the UK. ISI owns the rights to market its products worldwide, with the exception of Japan, where such rights will be retained by Informatix Inc.

ISI says that the on-going support and future development of Piranesi (as well as the company's CAD-focussed MicroGDS software), together with any future new products, will continue to be undertaken by the existing technical team at the Cambridge development centre. New versions of Piranesi and MicroGDS are due for release later this year.

Piranesi turns conceptual 3D models into attractive visualisations, with a whole host of effects to allow the user to focus the eye and the attention to the key elements of the design. Piranesi is also offers both photorealistic and non-photorealistic renders of fully-detailed images either for marketing use, planning applications or even award submissions.