Informatix has announced that its award-winning "3D painting" technology - Piranesi 5 - will soon be available to Windows users.

Piranesi is a specialised 3D paint rendering system that enables users to start with a simple CAD model, and quickly and easily create photorealistic images, or soft "non-photoreastic" images with a hand-rendered look.

Version 5 offers a reorganised user interface that makes it easier for users to navigate and master the application as well as releasing more screen space for the image being worked on.

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Piranesi 5

A number of effects - such as Edge detection, Restore, and various kinds of Cutout placement - have been promoted to Tools in their own right.

Piranesi 5 offers a raft of new capabilities. You can quickly populate whole scenes with people or plants using the Multiple Cutout placement Tool, and Cutouts can be grouped and moved together, or modified with motion blur and silhouetting effects. There's a new Light tool for re-illuminating a scene with four types of light with adjustable strength and direction; a new Pencil tool for drawing lines and areas; and a Stamp tool for burning in raster images. You can export to Photoshop PSD files, or import SketchUp or 3DS Cutouts complete with textures.

As well as the enhancements to Piranesi itself, its sister Vedute program - for rendering models into Piranesi format - has new features for handling materials, textures and paper sizes, and generating 3D cutouts.

Piranesei 5 also ships with 200 new royalty-free cutout images of people, plants, and street furniture.