Informatix has released the Mac version of Piranesi 4, the latest version of its 3D painting tool. This upgrade offers more than 100 enhancements, including support for Rich Photorealistic Content (RPC) files, which are generated by ArchVision's Image-Based Rendering (IBR) technology. The Windows version was released in September 2004, and is reviewed here

IBR, which is built into Adobe Photoshop, Alias Maya and similar applications, uses simple polygonal geometry to lay a 3D illusion over an image. ArchVision sells libraries of RPC content, and Piranesi 4 includes over 300 such images that can be used as cutouts.

Piranesi 4 also enables users to move 3D models in slight degrees of rotation as well as tweak 2D cutouts relative to other objects in a scene, such as creating an illusion of distance. In addition, this upgrade offers new radial fades that move outward from 2D or 3D lines, new "fade to transparent" and "fade to colour" options, seven new filters, a new brush as well as added painting effects and more.

This update is available now. Informatix asks you to contact your local distributor for pricing. A 30-day demo is available on the company's Web site.