Pinnacle is now shipping Commotion Pro 4, the company’s integrated paint, composite, and special-effects software. The new version offers dramatic speed gains in the areas of composite and paint says Pinnacle, which along with new features and an enhanced workflow, should simplify and quicken the work performed by visual-effects artists. Key new features of version 4 include new grouping and browsing controls in the timeline for managing composites and working with multiple layers at once. Users can add mattes, colour corrections, or other filters and motion controls to multiple layers at once. Groups can be viewed solo in the timeline to more efficiently use screen real estate and a new timeline browser gives users an overview of the entire composite with controls for selecting, moving and deleting groups and layers. Pinnacle CinéWave users can now view their NTSC, PAL media in real-time with version 4. Commotion Video Preview mirrors the user's clip to the display, allowing editors to quickly judge the colours and animation timing of their media on an external video monitor as they work. Also new to Commotion Pro 4 is support for Adobe Photoshop layers. Users can import Adobe Photoshop files into a composite while preserving the individual layer information including transfer modes, transparencies, masks, and names. Other features include the ability to time stretch a clip to provide slow or fast motion output (Pro version only); import and export layers from a composite, new filters plus a revised Effects Palette that lets you view custom effects controls, individual parameters from an effect, or an individual transform parameter. UK pricing has yet to be set but Commotion Pro 4.0 costs $995 and Commotion 4 $495 direct from Upgrade pricing for versions 3.0 or earlier is $249 and $149 respectively.