Sitting between the sub-£1,000 DV500plus and the DC2000 MPEG-2-based editing system, the Pinnacle Pro-ONE is an advanced DV-based editing solution aimed at users creating broadcast-quality video and interactive DVDs. At the centre of the Pro-ONE is an editing board that can combine two digital video streams with titles, graphics and 3D objects – and apply up to 10 video effects – simultaneously in real-time. It includes both digital and analog inputs and outputs for both video and audio. The Pro-ONE uses Adobe Premiere 6.0 as its editing tool and also includes Hollywood FX RT with over 200 real-time multi-layer effects with 3D animated objects. Independent slow motion control of two video clips in real-time is possible, as is colour correction of two clips simultaneously. Also included is TitleDeko RT, a titling tool that can move titles around in real-time, independent of other effects, and Impression DVD-SE, a cut-down version of the company’s DVD authoring tool. Pro-ONE costs £1,099 including VAT.