Back at the NAB show in April there was a great buzz around the re-emergence of the Mac as a serious video-editing platform. This was driven by the announcement of Mac products by two generally Windows-only manufacturers. Matrox’s RTMac is due soon, but Pinnacle has beaten the company to it and announced the release of Cinéwave. The editing solution is based upon Pinnacle’s TARGA architecture, the same technology used by the company’s comparable Windows-based systems. Cinéwave includes drivers to allow the solution to run on an Apple G4. The Cinéwave bundle includes the editing board with Apple’s Final Cut Pro, Commotion Pro by the recently-acquired Puffin Designs and a new Mac version of the Hollywood FX Silver set of filters and transitions. An analog breakout box is also included. Through the Cinéwave card and the breakout box the apps can capture and edit a wide range of formats – including DV, DigiBeta, uncompressed 601, PAL NTSC, 1080i, 1080p, 720p, 4:3, 16:9 and Web video. The card also includes two digital tether ports to allow a number of other optional breakout boxes to be connected.