Pic Pic Andre takes a fridge time-travelling for Cravendale

Pic Pic Andre and Not To Scale have just delivered the latest Cravendale commercial for Wieden + Kennedy London. Time Travellers sees the campaign's miniature heroes; cyclist, pirate and cow, get transported back in time after their kitchen fridge is zapped by lightning, fusing the clock and fridge together to create cinema's first time-travelling refridgerator.

Directed again by creators Pic Pic Andre (aka Stephan and Vincent) fresh from delivering their feature film to resounding crtical acclaim at Cannes, this confidence spilled into the production which is the longest and perhaps most ambitious film in the series to date. Working closely with creatives Freddie Powell, Holly Fisher, and creative director Sam Heath, the first task was to narrow down all of the possibilities and scenarios.

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Past history offers plenty of exciting events to visit, but keeping the freshness of the Cravendale milk intrinsic to the storytelling, soon led us to Cleopatra’s palace offering a more regal alternative to accidentally spilt ass milk, and a quick patriotic visit to show us how our St George really did quell those searing dragon flames.

After a lengthy script writing and animatic period, where various scenarios were balanced and played out against each other, the art department had to work at double speed to prepare the minature sets in time for a seven day stop-frame shoot in Pic Pic's native Brussells. To fit the shoot in the available time frame; shooting needed to take place simultaneously across multiple stages.

Not To Scale worked closely with their French and Belgium production partners at Yellow House and with W+K London's television department to ensure any unforeseen creative suggestions were quickly assimalated and incorprated into a shooting process that requires full concentration and utter dedication. With each frame being shot one frame at a time, forgetting to move one simple background detail can result in whole scenes being re-shot.

Edit and audio recording took place in Brussells before the final edit was graded at the Mill and the CG milk was worked up in Real Flow and then composited back into the picture at Not To Scale's London studio.

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