Photoshop's inventors discuss its creation on 20th birthday

It's Photoshop's 20th birthday today, and Adobe has published a documentary bringing together the four creators of the original version. In the piece, John and Thomas Knoll, Russell Brown, and Steve Guttman come together for the first time in two decades to discuss how they created the first version of the software.

The piece kicks off with archive footage from 1990 as a news anchor with the big hair and shoulderpads of the preceding decade interviews Russell Brown, who looks like he's wandered in from Micro Live, about whether photo-manipulation is ethical. Brown quickly pushes Photoshop's artistic uses and then we're whisked off to 20 years later where the four discuss how the software was created originally as a personal project by the Knoll brothers, and how it's developed over the years. Of the four, two are still at Adobe, one at Microsoft, and John Knoll is still at leading VFX house ILM (he never formally joined Adobe).

Watch Startup memories below or in higher-resolution here.

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