Adobe has announced Photoshop Elements, a revamped Photoshop LE that sits between the full app and the consumer-focused PhotoDeluxe, according to reports on Mac news site MacCentral. Elements strips some of the higher-end graphic arts features of the full version of Photoshop but keeps the majority of the Web tools. However, it also includes many feautres aimed at business users and hobbyists such as a Quick Start wizard, a Hints palette and a Recipe palette. This includes instructions on how to complete certain tasks in a step-by-step manner. Tools of more use to professionals include the Variations command, which automatically generates different colour-corrected versions of images and places the next to each other, and fairly sophisticated layering tools. There’s also much emphasis on digital cameras and scanner users. Simple tools such as red eye removal are included, but so are tools for automatically straightening and cropping scanned images. Photoshop Elements will ship in the second quarter of this year and includes both Windows and Mac OS 9.1 and Classic. The OS X version will ship around the same time as the, as yet unannounced, OS X version of Photoshop 6.