Photoshop CS3 'will run on pre-Intel Macs'

The next version of Photoshop -- as well as the rest of the Creative Suite -- will run natively on PowerPC-based Macs, the application's senior product manager has confirmed in his blog on Adobe's Web site.

John Nack's post was in reply to speculation following the launch of Adobe's Soundbooth audio application last Thursday, which runs only on Intel-based Macs such as the new Mac Pro (and Windows systems). Comments on Nack's blog and elsewhere on the Web speculated that this would mean that the next version of Creative Suite, due early next year, would also be available for Macs with Intel chips only.

Nack was swift to clarify the matter, saying "the next versions of the CS and Studio apps are being built as Universal apps, and they'll run great on PPC". He says that developing brand-new applications for a single processor type allows the company to tap into previous experience with that platform, boosting development times and enabling developers to spend more time on creating new features.

However, applications such as the Creative Suite and Studio, which have a long history of being optimized for PowerPC-based Macs, are much easier to build on that platform -- and with many creatives still using those platforms, it makes sense to continue developing for them.

John Nack's blog can be read here.

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