Adobe has noted a few more issues found after users have updated to the new Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) operating system.

Writing on John Nack on Adobe, the Principal Product Manager, Adobe Photoshop notes.

"Switching to the Menlo font (new in Snow Leopard) in Photoshop can cause Photoshop to crash. The simplest option is to avoid selecting and using Menlo in Photoshop."

"A bug can cause Photoshop & other applications to crash, particularly during Open and Save operations. We think this problem is the root of the instability David Pogue mentioned the other day."

"Dragging an image from another application (eg Safari) window to the Photoshop application icon in the OS X Dock doesn't open the image."

Nack adds that the last two are not unique to Photoshop or to Adobe applications and the company is working with Apple to fix the issues.

Photoshop QE team members Dave Howe and Tranberry are tweeting info as it becomes available, Nack said.