Version 6 of Photoshop is on its way – and a few ideas of what we can expect have slipped out of the bag According to an 11-page ‘detailed feature guide’ distributed to beta testers, the next version will consist of an array of interface improvements including new type and layer functions. The new layer functions include styles, which makes it easier to apply overlaid effects, as well as improved bevel controls and new Overlay and Stroke effects. New masking functions will let you apply masks and clipping paths to the same layer. Photoshop 6 will also contain enhanced text features, allowing you to edit type on the canvas and convert text layers into outlines. Text can also be fully justified with maximum values for word spacing, letter spacing and glyph scaling. The new release will also have a palette overhaul, so you now have the ability to store all your palettes in a ‘palette well’ and resize the Brush and Swatch palette. You can also dock all palettes vertically and hide them by hitting Shift-Tab. The tool palette will include menus containing each tool’s icon, name and shortcut-key. You will also be able to create sharable libraries of presets for layers, brushes and other various tools using a preset manager. Overall, the upgrade has a greater concentration on workflow and production-orientated tools, and can be expected sometime towards the end of the year.