Panopticum has released Photo FX 2.0 for Mac OS X, a $160 collection of five effects filters for Adobe Photoshop. With the latest version, the lens and crystals drawing algorithms have been improved and new types of lenses and crystals have been added. Plus, all crystals are now 3D, according to the company. There are new types of highlights in the update. The particles system has been enhanced, and users can now create complex patterns of lenses. The ability to create 3D-crystals of any shape has been added. In addition, any 3D model from standard 3DS or WRML file can be represented as a transparent crystal of that shape. In Photo FX 2.0, special effects – such as gradual growing, destruction, and scattering – can be applied to crystals. There is also the capacity to create glass surfaces of the shape of any selected area and to reflect objects from glass surfaces of lenses and crystals. PhotoFX 2.0 includes the following filters: Alpha Strip 1.1, a set of procedures for cutting the images on an alpha channel; Fire 3.0, which creates fire and flame effects; Lens Pro 3.0, which contains two sets of tools for creating images of lenses, crystals, glass surfaces and glass texts of various shapes; Panopticum Digitalizer 1.0, which allows an image to be represented by a matrix, the elements of which will form the shape of initial image; and Panopticum Engraver 1.0, which lets you cut through images with thin lines that will form a geometric pattern, similar to engraving.