Astute Graphics has released version 1.5 of Phantasm CS. The upgrade to the Illustrator colour-control plug-in allows users to load and save Photoshop-compatible colour adjustment settings files, and advanced hue/saturation controls.

The company says that full color control compatibility with Photoshop has been a priority, as it recognizes that Illustrator users are not isolated from a greater design process. Phantasm CS 1.5 can load and save Photoshop curves files (.acv), curves map files (.amp), HSL files (.ahu), and levels files (.alv)

Yhe Hue/Saturation Filter and live Effect controls now cater for selective hue range adjustments, with precise control over which colour ranges are adjusted.

Phantasm CS 1.5 costs $37.50 (around £19). There is no discount for current owners of version 1.0.