The Pixel Farm has announced PFZed, a plug-in for Digital Fusion and Shake to extract 3D information from image sequences on a per pixel basis.

PFZed is designed to be used with data from The Pixel Farm’s 3D motion tracking tool PFTrack. PFZed automatically extracts pixel depth values (Z-depth) from footage shot with camera motion and the output is then optimised for speed or quality, the company claims.

This data is then available within the host application, initially either Eyeon’s Digital Fusion or Apple’s Shake. Traditionally this data is available using hand painting techniques and artistic judgement or complex camera rigs and pre-planning.

Z-depth information is used in the post production workflow for tasks such as automatically generating layers, mattes, controlling 3D particle systems and optical effects such as Z blur and depth mattes.

“Using PFTrack is increasingly seen as a core technology in the production workflow and not just as a tracking solution”, said Michael Lancaster, product director of The Pixel Farm. “PFZed moves us one step further to our ultimate goal of a total data model of the image sequence.”

PFZed will be available from November 3, for Eyeon Digital Fusion and Apple Shake, costing £200 plus VAT (or $330/300 Euros). The Pixel Farm has launched a new online store on their Web site.