The Pixel Farm has released PFHoe, a low-cost, DV-only motion tracking application that uses the same core technology as the company’s high-end PFTrack tracking analysis system.

According to The Pixel Farm. PFHoe offers a simple interface that is intuitive to editors unused to motion tracking. It uses an Import Wizard that explains the necessary parameters to successfully track a shot, and can create a track in a single click.

Though designed to be simple to use, PFHoe offers advanced features. It can automatically solve any type of camera movement, according to The Pixel Farm, including zooms and nodal pans. An automatic lens distortion correction tool is also available. Manual tools include the ability to import mattes from third-party applications and simple edit tools to modify tracking data.

Tracking data can be exported in formats for Adobe After Effects, Discreet 3DS Max, Combustion, Hash Animation Master, NewTek LightWave, Softimage|XSI. A distortion-corrected version of the DV footage can also be output in AVI or QuickTime format for compositing.

PFHoe is available now and costs £39 plus VAT. It ships with one export plug-in of the purchaser’s choice. Further plug-ins cost £10 each.