D&AD has announced that Peter Saville will design the 2009 Annual – the book in which the best creative work from the Awards is permanently honoured. In keeping with the charity’s educational mission, a graduate will work with the renowned designer on the project.

One of the best known and influential designers of our time, Saville is known for pushing boundaries in design.

“I wanted to give a graduate the chance of working as an apprentice along side a Master like Peter Saville. The Annual’s theme this year is about communicating D&AD’s education mission, but delivered in a away only Peter can do,” said D&AD President Garrick Hamm. “The design so far, is immaculately styled but there is a depth there, that I think a lot of other designers miss about Peters work.”

The announcement of Saville’s Annual design comes just before D&AD Awards 2009 judging takes place. Over 400 of the world’s advertising and design greats will arrive at London’s Olympia from 20-24 April. They’ll judge entries into the Awards & Student Awards – on the hunt for the best work of the year and hopefully a Yellow Pencil award-winner or two along the way. For the first time, this year each judge will use an iPod touch to scroll through the thousands of entries in the 30 award categories and cast, review and amend their votes in real time.