The peak of new editing and authoring solutions

Pinnacle has released a new board-&-software video-editing solution along with its DVD-authoring big brother. The DC2000 is a professional-level MPEG-2 editing system with limited DVD-creation abilities, with the DVD2000 adding fully featured DVD-authoring features. The DC2000 and DVD2000 use SmartGOP, Pinnacle’s proprietary technology for capturing, editing and authoring MPEG-2 IBP – the ‘flavour’ of MPEG-2 used in DVDs. This can be performed in realtime, and is frame-accurate. Pinnacle claims that this reduces DVD creation times dramatically by working directly in the output format, so no recompression is necessary. DVD-authoring is achieved on both systems using Minerva Impression 2.0. The DC2000 can only produce single menu DVDs, while the DVD2000 supports multiple camera angles, motion video menus and up to 99 titles per DVD with up to 99 chapters in each title. Both solutions can also create interactive CDs using Impression and Web streams using Sonic Foundry’s Stream Anywhere LE software. The streams can be encoded in the Windows Media ASF and RealVideo formats. Web links for DVDs can also be created. Video editing is performed using Adobe Premiere, with hardware effects provided by Pinnacle’s TitleDeko and Hollywood FX. A DV I/O upgrade is available, allowing realtime DV to MPEG-2 capture and playback – and ships with a full breakout box. DC2000 costs £1,620 plus VAT, with DVD2000 costing £5,399. They are available immediately.

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