Paul Brazier, executive creative director at AMV.BBDO, has taken the reigns as president of the D&AD for the next year, and has spoken about his plans for organization.

"I haven't checked, but I’m willing to bet that every incoming D&AD President has described the year ahead as ‘challenging," said Paul Brazier. "This next one certainly will be. There’s less money about. More awards schemes competing for entries. And the possibilities in communications seem to change almost daily.

"I think the best way for D&AD to go forward is to look to its past. To remember why it exists, what it stands for and why it was created in the first place -- the DNA of D&AD. There are two strands: awards and education. The D&AD awards are there recognise the best work in the world. Our juries are famously tough and we’re proud of that. Sometimes it makes D&AD maddening but it also makes it the award to win.

"But if we’re mean with awards, we’re generous with education. D&AD has always encouraged the best students and helped them find work. Many of us in the industry have benefited from D&AD Workshops and Student Awards in the past. So let’s remember the DNA of D&AD in this tough year ahead. By supporting these two strands we, and the industry, can do more than just survive. We can thrive."

As President, Brazier will work closely with the Chief Executive and Executive Committee to oversee the affairs and set the objectives for the organisation. Sanky, founding partner at design consultancy AllofUs has been elected deputy president. Four other members will join the Executive Committee following elections in August: Mark Denton from Coy! Communications. Bruce Duckworth from Turner Duckworth, Joe Ferry at Virgin Atlantic, and Billy Mawhinney at BJL.

Following stints at WCRS and Cogent Elliott, Brazier has spent the last 17 years at AMV.BBDO, including 4 years as Executive Creative Director. He’s won many creative awards including six D&AD Yellow Pencils, and several One Show Pencils and Cannes Gold Lions.